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Herbal Punch

Is not only a green tea to comfort you; it brings you many value-added medicinal benefits customised for different health issues in the form of green tea. We use only finer herbs, all-natural, time tested and proven, to support and improve well-being, improve, nourish, and rebalance, during regularly inspiring lifestyles. We are obsessed with passing on ancient knowledge about the use of plants for well-being. Our formulas were developed by a very senior Ayurveda Doctor.

These factors distinguish us;

Our unique blend

Experienced and qualified Ayurvedic physicians introduce these products with traditional knowledge who benefit from their expertise in combinations of medicinal plants that have helped and raised people for centuries. Each ingredient is carefully selected and measured by our consultants with the advice of these Ayurvedic doctors to ensure maximum benefits.

Our Premium Herbs

We are committed to using chemical quality herbs, a brand of excellence that not many other tea companies can compete with. We obtain our herbs from their original habitats knowing that they will have the right balance of active mixtures and that these high-quality ingredients are collected ethically and carefully from reputable suppliers.

Our total quality process

We are very interested in the total quality of the product before it reaches you. Our laboratory analysts and medicinal plant consultants check the durability, identity, and clarity of each plant to ensure that it tastes good and meets the required standards.

These infusions are for all occasions, whether you are looking forward to relaxing at the end of the day or getting up in the morning. These have no added no artificial ingredients, vegan or gluten-free. All our teas are tested by SGS (The world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company) and also registered and approved by the Sri Lanka Tea Board and the Department of Ayurveda Sri Lanka. All our tea labels are reviewed and approved by a food labelling consultants and a dietitian. Further we have obtained ISO 22000: 2018 standard and FDA (Food & Drug Administration) standard.

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